HelloGBye Video Demo – An Early Look

Awhile ago I wrote about a very cool new travel app that I was excited about. I’ve been dying for some of the functionality to be released so you guys can see why. Then today I was tipped off that they had uploaded an unlisted HelloGbye video and are preparing to share it sometime soon. […]


Coolest Travel App of 2015?

Last September I was just wrapping up an excellent year at Google. I was getting ready to transition onto new things, and absorbing much shock from friends/family/others that I wasn’t going to stay working at Google. I knew then it sounded crazy, and I imagine they still think I am crazy… Anyways, that day I […]

wife pic inspires divorce

Mystery Pic – Grounds For Divorce

I spent a fair bit of time staring at this pic before I understood what the issue was…so I decided to share this mystery pic here. I have included a close up at the bottom, so if you don’t like solving a puzzle, the answer is below. The story is told that a guy had […]

real life creepy tales

Real Life Creepy Tales 1

So finding myself falling down the rabbit hole that is YouTube, I felt inspired to add a collection of my own favorite tales. I lack much video editing experience, but I did spend one insomnia driven evening playing with Movie Maker, and the result is as follows. Real Life Creepy Tales 1.

rob t case and his daughter

Surviving A 60 Day Juice Fast And What’s Next

A few weeks into my fast, I got an email from a coworker which contained the quote “If You’re Going Through Hell…Keep Going.” Wise words from one of the most quotable men who ever lived, and an excellent reminder that I can get through this. Calling it hell is a tad dramatic, but some days […]

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