rob t case and his daughter

Surviving A 60 Day Juice Fast And What’s Next

mean green juiceA few weeks into my fast, I got an email from a coworker which contained the quote “If You’re Going Through Hell…Keep Going.” Wise words from one of the most quotable men who ever lived, and an excellent reminder that I can get through this.

Calling it hell is a tad dramatic, but some days it absolutely wasn’t fun. To date I can’t think of many things worth doing that are easy though, so I’ll save the complaining for those who can.
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robtcase weight loss

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead – Rob T. Case Edition

413 lbs. I stared for what seemed like an eternity at the strange blue glow, perhaps hoping the scale display would realize it’s mistake. I tried twice more, and achieved the same result.


How did I let this happen?

My self loathing at a new high, I found myself considering the future of my family with me absent. If I had a heart attack tomorrow, what would they do? How would they get by? Continue reading

larry swilling saves wife

Larry Swilling Saves Wife With A Sign

In a bid to find a kidney for his beloved wife, Larry Swilling has taught us all what love and devotion truly look like.

When Jimmy Sue delivered the bad news to her husband, it was devastating. Jimmy Sue had been born with only one kidney, and it was failing. Without a transplant she would likely pass away within a matter of months.

Larry wasn’t willing to let this happen without a fight. After testing within the family failed to find a matching donor, Larry made up a sandwich sign reading “Need Kidney 4 Wife” and his phone number. Continue reading

When you need 'em BIG.